How it all began

My Story

My name is Rick Valle and this is my blog.

I started this blog to teach you everything I know about money and finances from my professional background, to ways of making money and becoming an entrepreneur from personal experience and by the tens of thousands of dollars I’ve invested seeking personalized mentorship.

Experts say nobody ever got rich working a job. And let me tell you… I was introduced to this concept at a very young age.

During the time when infomercials on television were 30-minute late-night programs selling everything under the sun, that put most people to sleep, there was a particular type of infomercial that sparked a fire in me and would change my mindset forever, I’m talking about business opportunity/making money infomercials!

I was 16 years old when I got hooked into one of these appropriately-dressed gurus talking delightfully about living the dream and quitting your job by making loads of money in your spare time.

After ingesting more infomercials that are way too many for a teenager to watch, I had developed a burning desire to become an entrepreneur and strike it rich.

Being a teen with no money, I pleaded with my father to purchase a particular money-making program at that time that I was so desperate to get my hands on.  I was on a mission to get rich before I even finished high school. 

My father, although reluctant, agreed only because my birthday was just a few days away and this program would be considered my “birthday gift”.

I surely thought it was the beginning of living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but boy was I wrong. 

Even though I did not have success with this particular money-making program, I had the taste for “entrepreneurial blood”, and I knew this was the road I wanted to take, but it wouldn’t come easy.

Once my 18th birthday came around I had a job working for a construction company. 

Living at my parents house, I didn’t have any major expenses, so I began to purchase money-making programs, one after another (as shown in the photo above), promising to make me rich, which led me on a mission to find the perfect opportunity that was going to allow me to live wealthy like a rockstar.

A couple years went by and with many money-making programs and courses under my belt, I did manage to have some success, but not to the degree I was expecting and desiring. 

With an immature mindset and poor money management, my success was short lived. 

My journey to creating wealth ended up leaving me dead broke. I became discouraged and disappointed to say the least.

Needles to say, I became pressured by my parents to go to college, and after many arguments with them telling me I needed to go to school to get a career and me wanting to keep pursuing my entrepreneurial endeavors, at the age of 20, I gave in – I took the “safe route”.

I reluctantly agreed and put my dream of becoming rich on the back burner and I enrolled in school. 

I attended a four-year university and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance and ultimately made a good living as a Budget Analyst for a large engineering firm for many years.

Like many other men and women in suits, I got trapped in the rat race even though my deep desire was to “strike it rich” – and when my wife gave birth to our daughter in 2005, it frightened me because I knew that I needed to provide financial security for my family, so that kept me on the corporate hamster wheel for several years.

Working long hours and under the pressure I was experiencing, I became mentally burned out. 

My job was causing me to suffer from extreme stress and anxiety and it was taking a toll on my health, so I knew something had to change. 

I felt deep down inside that I was still that 16-year old who was in front of the television late at night watching infomercials that had opened my eyes to the possibility of making money on my own without a boss controlling my time with a paycheck. 

I wanted a life of freedom, but I was scared of failing again. I became complacent having “job security”, and the thought of losing it really frightened me.

However, the more I tried to ignore this kid inside me, the more it kept trying to surface.

In October of 2016 I finally had enough. I figured it was now or never, so I answered the kid inside me and took the leap of faith to try and make the entrepreneurial journey work for me once again. 

This time around I had a good head on my shoulders, I was mature and not making impulse decisions to jump from program to program spending an absurd amount of money like I did in my earlier years. 

I was very careful as to whom I took counsel from, which led me to joining a couple masterminds and connecting with “money-making masters” (mentors) that were already where I wanted to be financially. 

They helped me develop a clear path to take. And let me tell you…

It changed my life!

Now that I was in the “inner circle” of highly successful entrepreneurs, I now had a direction, a clear path to take, a north star I had to follow – and I finally began to see momentum in my money-making journey. 

I’ve built several streams of income, which generate cashflow to fund investments that will ultimately create generational wealth. Suffice it to say, I’m finally achieving the success I so much desired since I was that 16-year old teenager.

As a way to empower the average person to create wealth in their life, I started this blog to share my knowledge and guidance for anyone wanting a better financial future and to leave a legacy for their family.

I am sharing my real-life experiences and knowledge from my passion of business and finance that will never bore you to death. 

From making extra money as a side hustle to securing your retirement with bulletproof strategies, my blog is a complete resource to take you from where you are now to where you want to be financially.

Thank you for reading.

I hope that the story of your life brings you peace, happiness… and FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

– Rick Valle